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Line Card
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Line Card

Braemac CA Product Linecard


  • Amped RF

    Amped RF

    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/802.11abgn and combo modules. UART, SPI, I2C, USB, SDIO support. With/out antenna. Apple iOS, FCC/CE/ETSI approved.

  • Antenova M2M

    Antenova M2M

    Embedded antennas for GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, LTE, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, ZigBee® and ISM.

  • Digi International

    Digi International

    Serial over wireless modules in the 868Mhz/900Mhz/2.4Ghz & Orbcomm satellite modems.

  • Huawei


    2G/3G/4G maker of cellular cards (PCI, M.2), modules and chipsets (cellular, NB-IOT). Covering high-throughput and value applications

  • Maxtenna


    Line Card

    Standard, custom & semi-custom ceramic patches, helical antennas for GPS (L1 L1/L2). Cell-band & Satcom antennas. Proprietary helical technology improves passive gain.

  • Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

    Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

    Embedded and external modems supporting 4G-LTE, 3G & 2G GSM (GPRS, HSPA+), CDMA (1xRTT, EV-DO), Wi-Fi/802.11 b/g, Bluetooth, GPS/GNSS, serial to Ethernet and dial-up/data/fax/voice. Embedded cellular SoM’s and gateways.

    Common command set, TCP/IP, long life, low cost.

  • NVS Technologies

    NVS Technologies

    NVS Technologies AG produces high performance GPS/GNSS receivers that utilise all available global navigation and augmentation satellite systems that greatly increase the performance, accuracy and reliability of navigation, positioning and timing equipment

  • Origin GPS

    Origin GPS

    OrginGPS, Communication, Braemac CA

    Smallest fully intergrated GPS Receivers and GPS Smart Antennas. Sirf Star IV based design provides high sensitivity, low power that includes LNA, TCXO & SAW filter.

  • PCTel


    Line Card

    Antennas for cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, Wimax. Directional, Yagi, omni, moblie and embedded. optional cable lenghts, connectors & tuning.

  • Tallysman


    Line Card

    Provide inline coaxial amplifiers, RF Modules, GNSS Antennas & GPS/GNAA Receivers that meet or exceed industrial & military specifications.


LCD & Display

  • HTDisplay


    HTDisplay, LCD & Display, Braemac CA

    Character, graphic & segment LCD modules. TFT, TN, HTN, STN, FSTN technology. Packaging: COB, COG, COF, TAB/TCP. Backlighting: LED, EL & CCFL.

  • Leading Touch

    Leading Touch

    Line Card

    Touch panels & Touch Frame Bezels, 4-wire & 5-wire Resistive, Capacitive, SAW, IR Technologies. 15", 17", 19" & 24" elo Touchsystems compatible.

  • Litemax


    Line Card

    Hihg bright LCD displays. 800~2000nits. Sunlight readable. Wide Temp Range.

  • Lumineq


    Transparent & Thin Film Electroluminescent displays, TFEL, TASEL

  • Microtech


    Line Card

    Low cost, high volume small TFT displays, Graphic, Character & Dot Matrix LCD. Size range 1.44"~10.4".

  • Mitsubishi


    Line Card

    Industrial color LCD panels designed for harsh Enviroment. Size range: 5"~17"

  • Newhaven Display

    Newhaven Display

    American manufacturer of small displays - LCD & Vacuum Florescent (VF). Character & graphic types in Monochrome & RGB color. Backlight LED, CCFL & EL.



    Flexible/rigid LED strips, White/red/blue/yellow/RGB, Water resistant, Individually controlled

  • Truly


    OLED Mono, Area and Full Color Displays, TN/STN/CSTN-LCD Displays, Small and Medium size TFT-LCD Displays

Connectors, Fans & Relays



    HDMI, DVI, Audio/Video Cables and Adaptors, USB, 1394a, 1394b Cables & Adaptor, AC/DC Power Cable, Networking Cable

  • Connekt Precision

    Connekt Precision

    Line Card

    RF/Microwave Connectors & Low Loss cables. Turnkey cable assemblies.

  • Deca


    Line Card

    Terminal blocks-barrier/euro type. Illuminated push button switches. Replacements for Pheonix, Wago, Tyco.

  • JMC


    Line Card

    High, CFM/MTBF. Low noise fans. Size 25~120mm. 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V. Optional PWM Speed Control. Tachometer, Locked Rotor Signal Output. Dual Ball Bearing & Sealed Sleeve Bearing Options.

  • Neltron


    Line Card

    Low Cost Headers, CB/DIP/SIL/PGA/PLCC Sockets. D-Sub & IDC connectors. HDMI, DVI, Modular Plugs. Custom Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies.

Embedded Computing

  • Acrosser


    Line Card

    Embedded PC/104(+), EPIC, Embedded ATX, Mini-ITX; Industrial ISA, PCI, PCI-Express Computers, gaming & Touch Panel PC.

  • Arbor


    Line Card

    Long product-life cycle Embedded & Industrial Computers for medical & industrial applications.

  • ASRock


    Embedded computing engineered for operation in harsh environment & industrial use.

  • CompuLab


    Line Card

    Low-power low-cost Computer Boards & SBCs based on ARM, PowerPC, AMD & x86 CPUs. Scalable memory & interface solutions.

  • DAVE Embedded Systems

    DAVE Embedded Systems

    CPU modules solutions, System-On-Module (SoM), Multi-Core ARM Cortex, PowerPC, X86, medical and automotive applications.

  • IEI


    Industrial cmputing solution provider. PICMG Industrial Computers, Workstations, Panel PCs, System Solutions & Peripherals.

  • Jetway


    Embedded long-life motherboards, daughter cards, & industrial bare bone systems.


  • Hendon


    Line Card

    I2C Bus Buffers ICs, Temperature Control and Power & Mains Phase Control ICs.

  • Innodisk


    Line Card

    Industrial storage devices. 2.5" SSD, SATADOM (small form factor SSD), IDE Flash module & Compact Flash, SD Cards & Server Memory Modules.

  • NVE Corporation

    NVE Corporation

    Line Card

    Digital Signal Isolators with "Spintronics" nonotechnology, ideal replacement for opto-couplers.

  • Transcend


    Line Card

    Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, Flash Cards and Memory Modules.

Power Supplies

  • Aimtec


    Line Card

    Modular DC-DC & SC-DC converters. 0.25~40W output range.

  • Cotek


    DC/AC Sine Wave Power Inverters, AC/DC Switching Power Suppliers, Multi-Stage Battery Chargers for industrial, backup power, renewable energy and recreational applications.

  • FSP Group

    FSP Group

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    Pure-clean power designs products with exceptional value and superior quality

  • MSTronic


    Line Card

    Power over Ethernet solutions.

  • Nipron


    Line Card

    Industrial and Medical grade ATX Power Supplies. Ultra Efficient, Hi Reliable PSUs for server, Medical, Industrial, Machine Control and Robotic Applications.

  • Powertron


    Line Card

    Desktop & walk mount Switch Mode Power supplies & universal AC power adaptors.

  • Sinpro


    Line Card

    Switching Power Supplies & external AC-DC adapters. Wide range 5~300W.

  • Sol-Chip


    Unique maintenance-free everlasting solar battery provides low power communication module with self-sustaining energy harvesting technology.

  • Top Microsystems

    Top Microsystems

    Line Card

    AC-DC & DC-DC adapters. Open Frame, U-Channel & enclosed 1U, Redundant units.