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Aimtec Introduces Converters with Enhanced Thermal Performance
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Aimtec Introduces Converters with Enhanced Thermal Performance

on Thursday, 06 July 2017. Posted in News

Aimtec Introduces Converters with Enhanced Thermal Performance

Aimtec announces 15 & 20W DC/DC converter series with new industrial 1.6 x 1 inch profile, 3000VDC and an extended temperature performance.

The AM15JW-Z & AM20JW-Z are new 15 & 20W DC/DC Converters packed in a 1.6” x 1” copper case, making them ideal for applications with limited available space. They feature an ultra-wide input range (9-36 & 18-75VDC) with under voltage lockout and soft start capabilities. Furthermore, the output signal is protected by continuous short circuit protection as well as an over voltage and over current protection. The extended operating temperature rage goes from -40 to +90°C with derating starting at 70 & 60°C for the 15 & 20W series respectively. Both series can deliver 25% of the rated output power at 90°C.

To meet the green energy industry requirements and to allow better operational control, the series is equipped with a remote On/Off control function and offers efficiency up to 91%. Also, these new converters provide a high I/O isolation of 3000 VDC (tested during manufacturing for 60 sec) and no load safe operation. Single (3.3, 5, 12 and 15VDC) and dual (±5, ±12 and ±15VDC) output models are available in this new series and the single output models include an output voltage adjustment of up to 10%.

Main Applications
Industrial Telecom Automation High Temperature
Industrial Telecom Automation High Temp

About Aimtec:
Headquartered in Montreal, Canada and offices in Europe and Asia, Aimtec is actively involved in the research and development of modular switching power supplies.  Aimtec’s product portfolio includes modular AC-DC and DC-DC switching power converters and LED drivers.  Aimtec’s designs are intended to assist customers worldwide in reducing engineering design time and expense, while facilitating miniaturization and performance enhancement of their applications.

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