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Nipron: Utilized in medical imaging devices world wide
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Nipron: Utilized in medical imaging devices world wide

on Thursday, 06 July 2017. Posted in News

Nipron: Utilized in medical imaging devices world wide

Nipron is pleased to announce that many of their current inquiries received are about their medically approved power supplies, maily applied into medical imaging devices WORLDWIDE!

Lately, various medical devices including diagnostic imaging equipment that utilizes high speed technology, high image quality and sophistication of stereoscopic display, and digital storage or image data, have increased processing capabilities in computer systems.

In addition, processing has been increasing for receipts (care records) and in identifying operational status of medical devicesand the internet for online billing, peripheral equipment, and medical devices as well.

Because of these factors, the high medical standards and quality of Nipron Power Supply have been spreading around the world, in which we present to you their featured medical standard approved power supplies for all of your medical device needs:

Medical standard complied power supply

Medical power supply ” m series”

NIPmNSP3-450PSeries.png  NIPmPCSA-500P-X2S.png
 NIPmPCSL210-x2s.png  NIPmGPSA-360-750Series.png

Adoption Examples

About Nipron:
Nipron is a manufacturer of standard power supply products. These ATX/SSI compliant products supply stable DC power to computer motherboards including PC server storage as well as peripherals.

For more information about Nipron and their products, please contact our sales team:
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