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PCTEL Announces 4x4 MIMO Testing
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PCTEL Announces 4x4 MIMO Testing

on Wednesday, 24 February 2016. Posted in News

PCTEL Announces 4x4 MIMO Testing

SeeGull® MXflex® Scanning Receiver Supports Latest Cellular Network Upgrades

BARCELONA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCTI), a leader in Performance Critical Telecom solutions, announced the release of 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) measurement capability for LTE networks on its SeeGull® MXflex® scanning receiver at Mobile World Congress. If properly optimized, 4x4 MIMO has the potential to nearly double throughput rates compared to the more commonly deployed 2x2 MIMO. As the industry's only scanner that supports true 4x4 MIMO testing without additional equipment or software, the MXflex delivers the information carriers need to successfully leverage this exciting technology.

"Carriers have already deployed 4x4 MIMO in key areas of their networks and have been public about their intentions for aggressive expansion," said David Neumann, PCTEL's Senior Vice President and General Manager, RF Solutions. "The MXflex is PCTEL's most powerful scanning receiver, built for testing the most demanding LTE and multi-technology networks. It enables accurate and efficient testing, ensuring that network investments translate to better Quality of Service," added Neumann.

The MXflex supports the most demanding wireless networks through a flexible band, flexible technology architecture that processes multiple signals in parallel. The optional 4x4 MIMO feature scans all 16 signal paths between four transmitting antennas and four receiving antennas in a single MXflex during a single test. Even when operating the 4x4 MIMO feature, the MXflex supports concurrent testing of multiple technologies, including LTE, WCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA, and GSM. Customers can upgrade their existing MXflex units remotely to include 4x4 MIMO, or any additional features, technologies, or bands that are currently available.


PCTEL, a global provider of RF expertise, delivers Performance Critical Telecom solutions to the wireless industry. PCTEL benchmarks and optimizes wireless networks with its data tools, engineering services, and RF products. PCTEL's antennas and site solutions are vital elements for networks serving SCADA, fleet management, health care, public safety, and education.

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