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Tallysman® announces Low Profile Rail Antenna
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Tallysman® announces Low Profile Rail Antenna

on Thursday, 14 September 2017. Posted in News

Tallysman, a leading manufacturer of economical high performance antennas and related products, is pleased to announce the availability of the first of a line of Inverted F antennas – the LPIF160.

The Tallysman passive low-profile rail antenna covers the railway VHF voice communications channels from 158MHz to 162MHz. The antenna is designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions demanded by the Railway industry. It is field-tunable with a lockable mechanism.


Soon this antenna will be available in other frequencies, namely 220MHz and 450MHz

About Tallysman

Tallysman manufactures a range of high performance antennas from the TW6000 GNSS reference precision antenna to the highest performing compact antenna in the World, the TW4721. Tallysman’s mission is to supply antennas that match the increasing precision requirements of modern receivers at prices that match the falling price of this new generation of GNSS systems.

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