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GNSS Improves Location Performance over GPS

ORG4572 GPS/GLONASS Receiver Module Kit


The new OriginGPS Multi Spider ORG4572 GPS & GLONASS modules are the easiest way for customers to integrate both constellations without special GLONASS knowledge required, standard NMEA. Benefits of adding a GPS/GLONASS all-in-one view module include –

Advantages of using GPS & GLONASS Modules

  • Quicker position fix
  • Better power consumption
  • Improved position accuracy
  • Better urban canyon performance
  • More available satellites combining the two constellations mean quicker fix, critical for battery powered applications –


High rise urban canyon environments is a tough environment to get location. You can see GPS/GLONASS tighter lines for GPS/GLONASS vs. GPS only –


More precise position accuracy with GPS/GLONASS means more accurate position around turns, freeways at increased speeds –


Improved sensitivity sensitivity results in quicker fix, better power consumption with the receiver struggling less for power demonstrated by better carrier to noise ratio -


Small size of the Multi Spider ORG4572 GPS/GLONASS receiver at 7 x 7mm offers the best size value for the customer. Moreover, the receiver includes the TCXO, RTC, LNA, SAW filter and other components.


Development kits, modules are in stock-


ORG4572-R01-TR Receiver Module

ORG4572-R01-UAR Evaluation Kit

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About OrginGPS:
OriginGPS is a world leading development, manufacturer and provider of advanced minimized GPS antenna-modules. The company is the leader of integrated GPS module and RF antenna. They offer  the world’s smallest GPS antenna-modules, optimizing integration with mobile devices (e.g. hand-held computers and cellular phones), while even improving performance (Noise Free Zone System).